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Occurs on Saturday August 24 2024

All Day Event


ArtSpring Theatre
100 Jackson Ave.
Saltspring Island BC V8K 2V8

Event Notes


This 5-day workshop (Aug 24-28) plus a performance night (Aug 28) led by Nayana Fielkov is an invitation to expand and develop play and personal presence on stage and in everyday life. It is an opportunity to discover, develop and refine ideas, seeds, scenes and characters to play and perform. Through following the body and our impulses, we can be in delight with the discovery of the moment. With consideration of what is alive for ourselves, in the moment, and beyond, we will find repeatable structures to play inside.

Using a series of experiential awareness building games and exercises, we will cultivate curiosity, explore emotional range and practice the bravery of sharing our willingness and openness. Through subconscious and conscious means, we will devise, and refine our ideas into performable solo and ensemble scenes and structures. We will arrive at retainable and repeatable frames of play. This workshop is perfect for both exploration of personal expression and for seeding the beginnings of performable work.

In this workshop we will: Laugh A LOT Practice emotional range in order to widen possibilities of freedom with agency (emotional agility) Practice simplicity to find availability, honesty and detail in what is funny Explore extension of impulse to become familiar with the edges of what is possible Work with tempo, rhythm, space, tensegrity, shape, and form to gain agency in the body as a tool Work with the Joey and August dynamic (Experience and Innocence) Discover by witnessing and practicing what generates laughter Access tools for generating content Devise and create solo and ensemble clown performances Do a public showing of what we create

Perfect for performers and non-performers, dancers, actors, musicians, storytellers, and anyone interested in building their personal presence and sensory awareness in performance and everyday life! Taught in English with Gibberish subtitles.

"If I were a fool, I'd know exactly what to do"

Nayana Fielkov is a Canadian based performing artist dedicated to the work of play. She brings together the mediums of clown, dance, mask and physical comedy. Nayana is co-creator and performer in multi award winning shows Falling Awake, Hotel Vortruba , A Can of Worms, UNDERBELLY, Habitats, PRESTO!, Out Of Time, and Same Same Different. She is a founding member of ensemble Theatre/Clown troupes the Poupon Parade, and The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. Nayana has studied with many teachers including: David MacMurray Smith, Deanna Fleysher, John Turner, Jon Davison, Jan Henderson, Peter Bingham and Ruth Zaporah. Nayana has been teaching for over a decade both internationally and throughout Canada.

When: August 24-28 10am-4pm each day with a 40 min lunch 5pm-8pm on the 28th for a one hour public showcase

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