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Occurs on Thursday April 11 2024

Approximate running time: 1 hour


ArtSpring Galleries
100 Jackson Ave
Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2V8

Event Notes


Talking Truths Circle Conversation and Tea -- Dancing Our Ancestral Legacies.

It has been said that we are all beings of light that have taken on human forms in this lifetime. Throughout our journey, we will have the chance to remember how to access the spirit portals that offer us a glimpse into the well spring of dreams that our ancestors have for us. It is our dances that hold the key to unlocking the ancestral spirit living in our hearts, offering us a path toward uplifting our communities by revitalizing our culture.

You are invited to witness this Talking Truths circle conversation featuring Matriarchs Uprising artists Beany John, Sophie Dow, Yvonne Chartrand and hosted by curator, Olivia C. Davies as we share our stories of ancestral legacy and the ways that our dances can be the expression of our experiences of joy, peace, grief and honesty.

Talking Truths Circle Conversations are similar to a panel discussion except lead artists and hosts sit at the center of a circle and witnesses are seated in a wider circle around the center. Witnesses are encouraged to listen and learn with the intent to be prepared should they be asked to provide a witness account of what was shared by the artists sharing their truth.

Coffee, tea and pastries are offered for all to enjoy.

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