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Occurs on Saturday April 10 2021

All Day Event


ArtSpring Theatre
100 Jackson Ave.
Saltspring Island BC V8K 2V8

Event Notes

× Stephen Fearing presents a 6-hour singer/songwriter workshop. 10am-5pm with 1 hour lunchbreak. Maximum 12 participants.

Topics covered:

Anatomy of a song - the structure of a song, its component parts, and what their role is:

- Verse - Pre-chorus - Chorus - Bridge

The difference between the song and the arrangement.

Inspiration vs perspiration - waiting for the muse vs daily routines.

Writer’s block.

Exercises to start the writing process.

How to deal with the inner critic.

The first two hours of the workshop will be devoted to each participant performing one of their own songs for discussion by the group. The goal in this section of the workshop is to provide feedback for each participant, to always be encouraging but not shy away from using each participants' song as a jumping off point for discussion and growth. Stephen will be playing a few of his own tunes and commenting on them, as well as opening them up for discussion from the group. He believes that there are many ways to write a song, but that there are also some key rules or parameters that songwriters need to understand, which they can then use or discard.

The aim is to have each participant walk away with a better understanding of their own process and how they might grow as a writer.

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